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Gas Installation Brisbane

Gas Fitting Services

Brisbay Plumbing offers professional and licensed gas fitting services. We can read and interpret plans, measure and mark points for installation, test pipework that is used for gas appliances, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

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Commercial Gas Fitting

If you own a small business such as a restaurant, office, or other small commercial property -- we can help you with all your gas fitting needs.

At Brisbay Plumbing, we specialise in a wide variety of different appliances installations and gas plumbing solutions, depending on your commercial needs. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance and servicing to keep your workplace or business safe from gas leaks and other preventable hazards.

Residential Gas Fitting

Are you a homeowner wanting to renovate an old home or move into a new one? If you have any gas appliances that need to be fixed or installed, you will need a licensed gas fitter. Our team will ensure that all appliances, installations and connections are done in a professional, safe, and clean manner.

At Brisbay Plumbing, we have been helping Brisbane homeowners for over 20 years. We are confident we can help you through the whole process efficiently and professionally.

Installation, Repair,
& Ongoing Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive gas fitting service across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs for residential, domestic and commercial premises. This includes gas cooktops, gas ovens, heaters and hot water systems that are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and energy-efficient.

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Who We Serve

We believe that not only offering the best products but offering the best service, including professional installation, repairing and ongoing maintenance is just as important. So our friendly team guarantees that if there is a problem due to the work that we have done, we will go back and fix it for free

If you are unsure about whether your system is faulty or you just have a feeling that something is wrong, don’t fret and just reach out to our team.