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Looking for plumbing services specialising in hot water?

Brisbay Plumbing has been proudly serving clients in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs for over 20 years and specialises in the installation, servicing and repairing of all types of hot water systems.

Call us today and find out which system is best for your residential or commercial premise. We also offer professional advice and free consultation, so if you have any questions or enquiries, we are only one phone call away.

Residential Hot Water Installation

Brisbay Plumbing can quickly and professionally replace or install a new hot water system in your home or residential premise.

If you moved into a new home, or are renovating your current home and you have no hot water, don't worry, we have a range of solutions for you.

At Brisbay Plumbing, we offer latest in hot water systems, and install them fast, so that you don't have to go without hot water for too long.

Commercial Hot Water Installation

Many businesses require and need a reliable, professional, and top quality hot water system.

If you are running a restaurant or a hotel, you will be using hot water every day. You must select the most energy-efficient system for your commercial needs so that you don't have to worry about it.

You can be sure that we provide the best products, as we have been helping businesses and business owners for over 20 years. Don’t hesitate and contact us, so that one of our friendly and experienced team members can assist you with your commercial needs.

Repairing & Ongoing Maintenance

Are you worried that after a few months, your hot water system may encounter some faults or issues?

Don’t worry, part of our service includes servicing, repairing and ongoing maintenance. If you notice a problem with your hot water system after installation, we will come back and rectify the problem for free.

Effective maintenance for your hot water system, whether you are a residential or commercial customer, is essential, and we pride ourselves in providing the best service for you. Give us a call today, or enquire online to find out how we can help you.


We guarantee our work

We believe that not only offering the best products but offering the best service, including professional installation, repairing and ongoing maintenance is just as important. So our friendly team guarantees that if there is a problem due to the work that we have done, we will go back and fix it for free

If you are unsure about whether your system is faulty or you just have a feeling that something is wrong, don’t fret and just reach out to our team.

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